• Is this course going to be too easy or difficult for me?

    This is not a beginners course (although we are in the process of producing a beginners accordion series), this course assumes that you already have a fundamental grasp of music theory, you should know your chords, and you should be ready to work hard to learn some beautiful music. Of course, sheet music - written by Sergiu - is provided for every song that he teaches, but either way, this course will boost your ability to learn new music by ear, which is by far the most powerful way of learning.

  • Is this course only for accordionists?

    No! This course will expand your knowledge of folk music and expose you to styles and techniques that you have never encountered. Sergiu focuses on both melody and accompaniment. He often imitates other instruments in his playing, cello and clarinet, cimbalom and cobza... The accordion provides a good example to follow for other instruments. The button side of the accordion makes chords for accompaniment like a piano or guitar. On the side with piano keys, is a selection of different reeds that get switched by the press of a button to produce sounds of many other instruments. Sergiu is constantly considering and changing his tone, selecting from many possibilities to better suit the style or song that he's playing. This is something that all musicians need to take into account, especially of lead instruments like violin, saxophone, flute, cello, clarinet...

  • What is this course?

    This course was produced on DVD almost 10 years ago. Sergiu's teachings have stood the test of time continuing to provide insights for learning and experienced music lovers alike. The course has recently been digitized and arranged in a modern format, taking advantage of your browser's capabilities and the internet's ability to connect us all. Sergiu's lessons are beautiful to listen to, easy to navigate, and packed with information that you'll immediately put to action in your playing.

  • What's included?

    Sergiu's course covers 5 different Eastern European folk styles. Serbian, Bulgarian, Moldavian, Romanian, and Jewish Klezmer music. In each of the 5 chapters, Sergiu teaches a different specially curated song, along with quality sheet music written by him. You will quickly understand what is integral to each style. Sergiu demonstrates each song, breaks down the melody, teaches some harmony and advises on accompaniment. We can answer your questions and comments directly in the course. Great questions and answers will be shared for everyones benefit.

  • When are you releasing new content?

    Making and releasing this course took effort and dedication from many incredible people. We're always looking for help with video-sound editing, and mastering. If you're interested in joining our team, feel free to reach out. As a student, if there are specific songs, styles or techniques that you want to learn, tell us that you're interested! We're very eager to hear what you want to learn. We look forward to soon releasing a steady stream of high quality educational material, Sergiu's masterful lessons will be available to everyone.